Why You Need a Concrete Walkway (and 14 Places to Add One)

Why You Need a Concrete Walkway (and 14 Places to Add One)

A sure way to add some class to your property is to add a concrete walkway.  Walkways and garden paths add value to your property and they never go out of style.  They enhance a home’s landscape and complement its exterior features.  Even the most discerning homeowners agree that adding a pathway adds luxury.

With so many colours, textures and patterns available each walkway truly is landscaping art constructed with master craftsmanship. Especially when you hire Brosco Concrete to do it. Your choice of concrete options allows freedom of artistic expression creating a path that is uniquely your own.

Your walkway becomes an experience instead of just a way to get where you are going.  You and your guests will no doubt linger a while longer as you stroll down your artisanal path. You will enjoy its curves and sway along them. You will spend more time taking in the beauty around you. When you decide to put in a walkway, know you are creating an experience of your own worth savoring.

Let’s be real. Pathways prevent you from walking on mud, wet grass, stones and other outdoor debris that can make us dirty.  They also protect those same elements.  If you have a lot of foot traffic across your lawn your landscaping is getting torn up, and you need a walkway.  It is like your yard is asking for a pathway there. Walkways are especially practical in the winter. Shoveling them can give you access to parts of your yard you would not have without them.  Walkways truly are a year-round pleasure and a life-long joy.

14 places to add walkways

That path from the driveway to the house with or without landscaping.

A walk straight walk up the middle of the yard from the sidewalk is classic.

It is beautiful to have a path running alongside well-tended gardens.

Create rooms outdoors by connecting patio to patio.

Put in a lighted path for those late-night walks to the house from the fire pit.

Create walkways in an annual vegetable garden.

Put stairs in a path to go up and down-hills.

A walkway leading to a gate really has a mystical feel to it.

Divide up your yard with paths in multiple directions.

Lose the mess with a walkway to the shed or garage.

Feature your pond or playground with a landscaped scroll there.

Protect those bare feet with a path to the pool.