Where Should I Put My Concrete Pool Deck?

Where Should I Put My Concrete Pool Deck?

There are benefits to placing your concrete pool patio in the right spot and downfalls if you don’t. Here are some guidelines to help you make the best decision on the placement of your concrete pool patio.

Take time to think about the position of the windows in your house and what you see from them.  You likely want a view of the pool to keep an eye on it.  You might just want to be able to admire your pool area from indoors from the best angle possible.

Outside you will want to consider what you see from your concrete pool deck.  You could face the house or face the yard.  Sometimes when people have their back to the house the only view is a backyard fence or a neighbours house. Orientating the patio to look towards the front of the house may be better in such cases.  If you have natural views of trees or lakes or sunsets towards the back definitely accentuate what nature has given you.

If you are thinking of putting the concrete pool deck close to the house think about where entrances and exits to the yard and house are located.  On smaller properties the pool deck often adjoins the house. As such make sure the colours and designs compliment the house and surrounding landscape.  Keep in mind that when a pool deck is close to the house it is great for watching children but may be a bit of a noise disruption in the house.

On a larger property a pool may be placed further away from the house. As a separate identity the concrete pool deck should be more defined to ensure the pool is making a statement. The distance gives you more choices of design as it is optional as to whether the area needs to match the house.  Freeform designs appear more natural than rectangular surrounds.  Keep in mind it is best if the pool is still visible from the house.

Wind Direction

While wind does not always blow in one direction there is usually a prevailing direction the wind will blow in your yard. Because it will change over the course of the year ensure you check during prime swim season. It is best to place the concrete pool deck in an area where a house or other structure is blocking the deck from this wind.

Watch your yard for shade and sun angles.  You don’t want your pool in an area that gets deep shade.  A good rule of thumb is to put the concrete pool deck at the pools northeast or northwest corner (based on what area of the country you are in) to get the most afternoon sunlight.