Removing Animal Pee Smell From Concrete

Removing Animal Pee Smell From Concrete

Let’s face it.  Sometimes we don’t keep up with our concrete maintenance so basement and garage floors might not be finished as often as they should.  Unfortunately, this leaves our concrete floors porous like a sponge, able to absorb almost anything.  When urine sinks in and sit it crystalizes and even bonds to concrete making those awful smells particularly tricky to get out. The problem is in order to reseal the concrete the smells need to be evacuated first.  So how do we do that?

Yeah, I am sure you could do some of this by smell but the best way do this is with a UV light.  Hold it about 2 feet above the floor.  You are looking for greenish bluish light.  Outline these spots with chalk.

If the pee is fresh put on some gloves and treats the job like most general spills in your house.  Grab some paper towels and soak up as much as you can.  It is best not to scrub to avoid pushing the pee deeper into the concrete where paper towels will not reach. Follow up spraying and wiping with a disinfecting cleaner.  Bleach and water used cautiously also works.  Do not use ammonia as urine contains ammonia and this will only amplify its smell.

This is where standard cleaning methods do not cut it. Removing soaked in urine is a three-step process.

The first thing to do is to scrub the entire area of the pee stain with TSP.  This step prepares the area to let the real cleaning begin. First, put some gloves on.  Next, grab yourself a scrub brush and a bucket of very warm water. Mix ½ cup TSP with 5 liters of water. Apply to concrete and scrub.  This should remove the bacteria yellowish stain from the surface of the concrete. Now the concrete is prepared for its deep clean.

This time we will use the same solution but let it sit and soak into the smell that is deep inside the concrete. It needs time to be able to seep into the same paths the urine followed. It will take at least 10 minutes. Because the cleaner is mixing with the crystals user the concrete it may start to stink even worse.  Surprising, this is how you know it is working. After the time is up clean up any excess water.  Use a shop vac if you have one. Let the area dry 24 hours.

The only way to truly evacuate animal urine is with an enzymatic cleaner.  The more concentrated the better. Saturate your chalk zones and lay some down just outside the edges for efficiency. The trick from here is to not let the cleaner dry out. Cover poured cleaner with garbage bags to keep the area wet.  Hopefully, the area is damp for at least 10 minutes. Once absorbed let the cleaner do its magic for about 3 hours.  The uric acid crystals must all be broken down by the enzymes soaking into the concrete. Once broken down these undesirable chemicals break down into carbon dioxide and water which easy for us will disintegrate on their own.

Although not necessary I highly recommend deodorizing after cleaning pet urine. Additionally, there may still be a smell in the air from cleaning and it will take care of that.  There are many pet odor eliminators designed for pet odour that works really well.  Apply it to the concrete surface and wipe it around.

Don’t take the change of urine smell returning.  Seal garage or basement floors with coatings by Brosco Concrete.  These coatings will prevent odour molecules from penetrating the surface because they are not breathable.  Make sure to let us know pet odours are a concern so we can make sure Brosco Concrete chooses the best sealant for you and your pet.