Pool Deck Enhancements

Pool Deck Enhancements

Sometimes concrete pool decks surround the pool like a safety walkway that contours the edges of your pool.  But other times concrete pool decks are merely the primary framework for a multitude of activities you do in your backyard.  It is important to take some time to think about the activities you may be doing around your pool before having Brosco Concrete poor your pool deck.

Plants add a soft contrast to concrete landscapes.  They add interest and focal points and give the feel of a private destination retreat. When you plan your deck know where you want these natural focal points to be located. Keep in mind that plants can act like barriers providing a living wall and desired privacy.  Variegated and textured plants will catch the most attention. While beautiful using flowers is not ideal as they attract bees. Plants can be nuzzled next to the deck in the ground or in raised planter boxes or pots. Vary heights for visual interest.

Once you have a pool, the pool deck will be the area you spend most of your time in, in your backyard. There are so many things you can do there: eat with friends, hangout, lounge, sunbathe, hot tub, BBQ, have a fire.  Consider all the potential purposes of use before installing your concrete pool deck. Know how many people you envision doing these activities at a time and prepare the pool deck to accommodate the amount of people and furniture required to do the activities you envision sharing there.  Consider location to the house and surroundings for each of these activities as well.  Each activity you add drastically enhances the function and instructiveness of your pool deck.

Mood Lighting

You may want to create some ambiance to go with your pool deck investment.  Adding fiber optic lighting around the pool and surrounding area might be something you want to consider before having your concrete pool deck installed.  Ponder inlaid round lights. Contemplate lighting up pathways to illuminate the walking areas. You could add a touch of whimsy up-lighting surrounding trees.  For a moonlit effect, mercury vapor light placed high up to create a soft effect.  Lighting is definitely something to consider when making your pool deck enhancements list.

If your pool is near your house enhance your pool deck with outdoor furniture that looks like indoor furniture. Plan to create a living room on your concrete pool deck taking ideas and colours that match and extend your indoor decor.  Another idea, bring the indoors out by installing an outdoor bar on your deck.  To be comfy like inside you will need some shade so don’t forget an umbrella, a gazebo, or some type of canopy.


Adding a stereo system around a pool is not uncommon either. Consider speaker placement in relation to the pool deck. But there are other soothing sounds you might want to think about.  You might want to go all out with a water feature.  Waterfalls add tricking noises that are not only relaxing but can drown out the unwanted sounds from surrounding areas.

If you have many play zones in mind for your yard you might want to expand your pool deck to be a backyard play deck.  Adding a basketball or tennis court as an extension next to the pool makes your backyard a stunning concrete play area.  Kid’s playsets are also a great choice to include in concrete pool deck extensions.

A pool deck is so much more than a place to jump into the pool from.  Make sure you think and plan for the multitude of ways a concrete pool deck can enhance your yard.  You will be glad you took the time to design when you see just how much a concrete pool deck can do for you, your friends, and your family.