Epoxy V. Paint for Concrete Garage Floors

Epoxy V. Paint for Concrete Garage Floors

Concrete garage floors are for more than parking cars and storing lawn care equipment. Garage floors have many jobs to do. They need to stand up to salt, ice, dirt, gasoline, de-icer, antifreeze, motor oil, and other contaminants.  Also, most garages are not heated so the freeze and thaw cycles affect them.

A garage floor installed by Brosco Concrete is carefully planned, installed, and cured and should have no issues providing years of performance without cracking. It will stand up to the toughest conditions in any climate.  That being said upon install or even down the road having Brosco Concrete apply a floor covering can add many benefits and years of life to your garage floor.

We recommend investing the extra money and surfacing your garage floor with epoxy. Epoxy provides a showroom-like floor finish and a great amount of protection. A smooth, seamless, and waterproof surface. It is the way to go with an application after an initial install to prevent any environmental or use damage from ever occurring.  It also revives old floors tremendously.

Epoxy doesn’t need reapplication for many, many years.  You can’t match epoxy’s durability to resist daily wear.

Epoxy offers a beautiful glossy finish. In addition, there are endless possibilities in augmenting its potential using decorative patterns, flakes or glitters.

Epoxy floor coverings are super easy to clean. The surface is non-porous allowing grease, dirt, and dust to be sprayed or wiped off easily.

Epoxy floors do not soak up chemicals making them an excellent choice for anyone who might be doing mechanical work in their garage.  Leaky cars or spilling accidents should not be a concern.

Epoxy’s glossy coating improves the light visibility in your garage.  The coating is also resistant to impact, heat, and fire.

If you want a transformation on a budget paint is the way to go.  It will improve the overall look and provide moderate protection but as you might guess this coating will not last very long.  Paint is susceptible to both heat and chipping. So plan on painting at least once a year.  Paint is one of the oldest and still very popular ways of brightening up a garage and giving it an appearance you can be proud of.

While the frequent painting is a downfall there are benefits. There are countless colour varieties to choose from providing personalization to your home. In addition, adding anti-skid media can help out with our wet and snowy climate concerns.  Concrete creates dust and so do workbenches, and a paint coating will make your floor dustless. No more tracking dust into the home from the garage.

There are so many advantages to adding a coating to your concrete garage floor.  Think about which product would be best for you and consult Brosco Concrete about all your concrete garage coating options.  Whatever your choice, you will be getting an attractive floor that is easier to clean, prevents dust, and adds extra attractiveness to your home.