Enrich Your Spring With A Concrete Patio

Enrich Your Spring With A Concrete Patio

If you are thinking about adding a patio you will be making quite the upgrade to your outdoor life. There are just so many ways to enjoy a patio.  A patio is sure to rally friends, families and neighbours to connect for good times.  You can use it for dinner parties, barbecuing up some shish-ka-bobs and eating to your heart’s content.  One can sit, relax and have a few drinks after work or during a late-night with your friends. Gardeners can get some containers in the spring and surround yourself in a colourful garden or even a culinary one.  You can lay yourself out and bask in the sun or spend the evening there watching the sunset. A patio really enriches the quality of life in your backyard.

There are lots of reasons your life would be better with a patio, here are the top 3 reasons it should be a concrete one.

Wooden decks can only be laid out in so many ways, not too much versatility of style there.  Same with gravel or crushed limestone.  But concrete has thousands of options for style and finish.  Finishing techniques like stamping that can reproduce brick, stone and tile looks.  Geometric designs can be scored into concrete.  Patios can be stained in solid or blended patterns.  For a little more money complete faux finishes of concrete can be made to emulate a variety of natural stones.  It is easy to create a patio that is entirely uniquely your own.

Concrete will cost you far less than a wood deck or paving stones which can run almost double.  Wood in the short term, stones in the long term.  Remember to keep curb appeal in mind. Your patio style and colours should match the surroundings aesthetics of your house and backyard.  This will improve the value of your home.

Compared to wooden decks concrete patios have lower maintenance costs and less frequent repurposing is required.  Both do require being power-scrubbed annually but concrete only needs to be resealed every 2-3 years where as wood needs to be re-stained and resealed yearly at a much higher cost.

Compared to pavers concrete stands up way better to the elements.  Concrete won’t shift over time or give way to the dirt or weather predicaments the way pavers do.  Concrete lasts way longer before replacement is necessary.