Concrete Project in the Fall: Yes You Can!

Concrete Project in the Fall: Yes You Can!

Many people are under the impression that pouring concrete is a project only for warm weather but you need not pay attention to them. Yes, there are myths that cement won’t cure when there is a chill. But if you want work done in the fall, Brosco concrete is more than happy to service any of your concrete needs and desires.

Whether residential or commercial there are many concrete emergencies you will want to fix immediately after they occur. Often, broken concrete is in areas that are used everyday. There are times where even if it is cold, emergency repairs have to be done right away.

Retaining walls although they last for years have an expiry. They tend to become structurally unsound in the cold when close to failing anyways. Cold conditions can cause cracking and falling walls. Damages range from unsightly to shear hazard.

Cracked driveways and parking lots can be a tripping danger. At businesses, accidents due to the unevenness of concrete can be a huge liability. Protect your friends and employees from harm by preventing foreseeable accidents.

Broken sewer pipes caused by the dropping cold temperatures can result in demolition of the area where the pipes were damaged. With extensive dis-repair sidewalks become unusable, yet need to stay in use on a daily basis.

Architecture that is no longer structurally sound can fall into further collapse. Often, broken concrete is in areas that are used everyday. For safety, or even asthetics, repairs are often needed right away.

Professionals like Brosco concrete have the know how and equipment to place, cure and protect concrete of the effects of cold weather. Insulation and heating equipment are a necessity. The ground must be thawed prior to placing any concrete. Keeping the dry product in a heated area until you are ready to use it is a great start. But in most cases additional measures will need to be taken. Professionals like Brosco Concrete know to add additional cement to the mix, use hot water, cover the concrete with a curing blanket, heat the aggregates in the mix, and/or use a chemical accelerator. Fall and done!