Concrete Porch Repair and Replacement

Concrete Porch Repair and Replacement

Curious about concrete porch repair and replacement? We will review common types of damage, what causes it, present some options to fix your existing front porch and steps, and when you should consider a new installation.

Your front porch may be a deck patio constructed from wood. It’s possibly built from brick stone. Some are just simple concrete slabs with porch steps. No matter the material of your porch flooring, it’s the threshold of your home greeting family and guests, so it should be safe and inviting.

We’ve got some advice if your concrete needs a little TLC. These problems, causes, and solutions also apply to your concrete laneway or driveway, sidewalks, the slab under your hot tub or other concrete floors in your outdoor living room.

Concrete cracks are a common concrete problem. While you can reduce them with proper maintenance and control where they happen with correct installation techniques, cracks are inevitable.

If you notice large cracks or if they appear years after you poured the concrete, it’s best to speak with a concrete professional to understand if you have structural issues or if a simple fix will do.

If you notice a slope or you feel you are stepping down further than normal, sagging or sinking could be the problem. It’s best to address an uneven porch early before twisting and cracking begins.

Reach out to schedule an inspection and discuss the right options for your porch.


When concrete flakes and chips, leaving the surface patchy and pitted, we know it as spalling. Weak surfaces are most at risk for exposing the coarse aggregate beneath. Moisture will absorb into unsealed concrete and become vulnerable to the freeze-thaw cycle common in southwestern Ontario.

It is important to address concrete spalling early. It can spread and compromise the integrity of your concrete porch if ignored, putting you at higher risk of needing a full replacement.

Damage to a concrete porch can happen for a few reasons, like soil settling, poor construction, weather, and too much water.

It is very important to prepare the soil properly and assess requirements based on the weight the ground needs to bear. Even when the soil beneath the concrete surface is prepared properly, settling is normal with years of pressure putting the ground at risk for voids.

However, if the structure is too heavy for the ground below or water causes extensive soil erosion, accelerating sinking can cause structural issues. This will affect more than just your porch. Check for signs inside your home in the basement too.

Cold weather causes moisture in the concrete to expand, creating internal pressure. As the pressure rises and falls, it stresses the concrete surface, which can lead to spalling. It is also common to use de-icing salts in winter, but they wreak havoc on your concrete porch.

Excess water from heavy rains, poorly directed downspouts, and even plumbing leaks cans cause serious problems. Concrete is a sponge that soaks up water. When the ground beneath absorbs too much water, it can’t support the structure as planned.

Brosco Concrete has extensive expertise in repairing concrete quickly and economically. In fact, we specialize in poly-level concrete raising and levelling to restore concrete.

If your concrete porch problem is more cosmetic in nature, we can help with resurfacing to make things beautiful again. Adding a simple layer to repair the appearance and protect against future damage will work.

If we can’t fix the existing concrete, we offer options for replacement with beautiful concrete installations too. And we offer beautiful stamped concrete porch designs and colours for variety too.

When water is the culprit, we can help. It’s important to address the cause of the problem and not what you see on the surface. Our technicians are certified in repairing wet basements, fixing drainage issues, and waterproofing solutions.

Let the friendly and knowledgeable team at Brosco Concrete work with you to find a solution to your concrete problems and create a beautiful, welcoming front entrance to your home.