Concrete Pool Deck – Beautiful & Affordably Priced

Concrete Pool Deck – Beautiful & Affordably Priced

Are you considering installing or upgrading to a concrete pool deck? They are a beautiful, cost-effective option for your backyard oasis. We’re here to help with your research and decision-making.

Close your eyes and picture yourself sitting by your brand new in-ground swimming pool. Maybe you have a pool, but you dream of upgrades and improvements to create your own paradise in the backyard. Can you feel the warmth below your feet?

Concrete pool decks are affordably priced by square foot. The basic broom finished concrete pad is the cheapest option followed by a simple textured concrete only slightly higher. Or you can choose a more decorative concrete option with stamped concrete.

While a stamped concrete pool deck is more expensive than the other two choices, it still costs less than pavers and stone and offers so many more design choices.

Concrete is far from boring when you look beyond the plain concrete used for sidewalks and driveways.

Because it’s poured, we can form it to fit all pool designs and shapes. Concrete pool deck materials work with cement pools with a vinyl liner or a fiberglass pool.

We finish broom concrete by dragging a broom across freshly poured concrete to give it a simple design and texture. It offers a clean look and provides a slip-resistant surface.

Stamped concrete patterns offer variety with multiple colours to choose from. We achieve the designs with colouring concrete and pressing stamps into it while wet, and finish with a beautiful, protective sealant. You can even imitate other materials like natural stone, wood, depending on the pattern of stamp selected.

Textured concrete provides a decorative look by creating lines and patterns by hand or with a form. It doesn’t use colour or sealant but still has a design and grip.

A concrete pool deck is long-lasting and requires much less maintenance. Stamped concrete pool decks provide looks like wood and brick without the trouble of rot, staining, or refinishing wood, or pulling weeds between bricks, stones, or concrete pavers.

As any homeowner will agree, nothing is perfect.

Colours can be difficult to match if you want to expand your pool deck or patio down the road. But you can camouflage the contrast with different patterns or another material.

Stamped concrete can be slippery because of the sealant used to preserve the beautiful look. If this is a concern, consider standard concrete, broomed, or textured concrete to provide slip-resistant surfaces.

Cracks are inevitable, but we can control where they happen with control joints. We cut breaks into cured concrete with the purpose of preserving the design. Cracks simply deepen where intended instead of forming new, unwanted cracks.

Sometimes, because of what is happening in the ground below your concrete pool deck, it can sink and create uneven edges. This creates hazards for tripping and stubbing your toes.

Brosco Concrete specializing in lifting and leveling concrete, which is much faster and more affordable than replacing the entire concrete pool deck or patio. Don’t lose precious time in an already brief summer. Our method is quick, easy, and won’t disrupt your landscaping or enjoyment.

Sunken concrete creates uneven joints and rough edges which make dangerous tripping hazards.

Simple injections to fill voids and raise the earth below smooth out the surface quickly without inconvenience.

Reach out to Brosco Concrete to discuss the options for your concrete pool deck and turn those dreams into reality.