6 Awesome Ways to Use Your Patio Alone

6 Awesome Ways to Use Your Patio Alone

A backyard concrete patio is a fantastic addition to any yard. We use patios for parties, family BBQs, and a place to play games or to lounge with our friends. It is a socially booming place to be. But it doesn’t have to be. We are so busy using our yards as a hangout that we forget we can use it when we are alone. In fact, a patio is a awesome place to enjoy solo. It can be a private and quiet place to unwind or a place in the yard where you can enjoy some of your favorite activities. Here is a list of a few ways you can enjoy your life a little more by spending some time alone on the patio.


Patios are ideal for just about any kind of exercise.  The sunshine and outdoor air invigorate and provide more energy.  A patio can be a nice change to the stuffiness of the four walls of the gym and save you drive time and gas.  Working outdoors will vary your workout.  Whether you are looking to get or stay in shape or maintain it, a backyard patio is a perfect place to get buff.

Looking up at the night sky is a spectacular way to spend a few hours alone.  Many people worry they need complete darkness to stargaze, and while your patio is a little further away from the streetlight, full darkness is not required to see stars. The darkness and the quiet can settle the nerves.  If you do not have a telescope you can start with binoculars.  The internet has a wealth of information on how to get started if you are new.  Whether a newcomer or an avid night sky watcher your concrete patio can help you unlock your stargazing potential.


Life is so full of stress. Between work, home, noise, and activity levels we can be overwhelmed at times. Your concrete patio can be your much-needed escape. Being an addition to your house, a patio lets you sneak away to find some alone time for meditation.  It is a great place to practice specific methods like yoga but is just as good a place for just closing your eyes and resting.  Inhale and exhale the natural environment your concrete patio provides.

Curl up on your patio with a book.  It can be a paper one, Kindle, or another digital device. On tablets use airplane mode to avoid distractions.  The outdoors naturally provide you a way to find peace and quiet. Get outside on your concrete patio and catch up on your reading.  Whether it be a novel, biography, or whatever you have not found time and space for. Your patio is the place to do it.

Bird Watching

When you need to get away from it all you might find you enjoy the solitude of birdwatching from your backyard patio. You will be surprised how many birds you can see in your backyard.  A field guide can help and the internet is also a great resource to get started.  Keep in mind birds vary by region and season to season.  You might consider adding a birdhouse or feeder. This is an activity you can do on your patio year-round.

Want a great tan.  What better way to get it than in the privacy of your own yard.  Enjoy your seclusion while bronzing the colour of your skin. Don’t forget to use sunscreen and keep your skin healthy by treating it right.